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  • I am sure this is going to be one of them questions where I embarrass myself of the stupidity once I get the answer but here goes.

    I have uploaded Treasure chest run though the installer no problems under the module can see the cart have have added a new product no problem, however I cant get the connection between the items you see in this section of the cart and how you display them on the site.

    On the 1st container document I have added this [!TreasureChest? &service=`cart`!] Now this is where the documentation I have been looking at stops, a search of the forums show people using ditto, but to do this I would have to set up a template variable for all the fields in the cart but unless I enter then direct into that page no data will show.

    Anyway hopefully by now someone will see my confusion how do I tie the cart product entry page and the site docs.

    Thanks Ian huh
    • Ian

      I got stuck on this too. Finally put all the pieces together. Here are my notes for what they’re worth.


      • Hello Terry

        Yes in fact yesterday I downloaded the document you kindly uploaded and although I have not had much time to study it from the quick glance I did give it things already seem clearer so hopefully all will go a little smoother many thanks for sharing the info.


        • Glad I could help.