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  • I’ve got a client who wants to be able to accept memberships online (their site is built on MODx 9.6.1). They are already using Securenet for their payment processing (for other things, on a different site) and want to use it for the membership fees and for contributions on their main site.

    Securenet tells me they recommend OSCommerce as a shopping cart for PHP. They sent me a 14-page document explaining implementation (Securenet Regular HTTPS POST API). Ay yi yi...

    I’m killer at integrating PayPal, but this may be way over my head...I think huh. Is this simpler than they make out? Or is this a job that needs to be shopped out in the code geek world? wink

    Any suggestions/assistance very welcome indeed! Many thanks.
    • Any thoughts out there re: previous post? huh

      Thx for any guidance!
      • I don’t know secure net, but from experience these things seem harder than they really are. In the repository there is a module for FoxyCart that will handle memberships with modx. It may either work (not sure if foxy supports securenet) or be a place to get some ideas.
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        • Thanks very much for your reply. Assuming FoxyCart might be altered to use SecureNet, where would the best place be to find someone to set this up for me, assuming it’s totally beyond me?

          Feebly yrs,
          • They sent me a 14-page document explaining implementation

            Well, what are they actually writing about? Don’t make us guess, post it here instead.

            Most likely you will need to use CURL: Post a bunch of infos to their server, and wait for the response. In a nutshell, that’s all there is to it.
            • I didn’t want to presume...FWIW, here it is: http://tinyurl.com/5tupaw

              Thanks for your help.
              • I think the manual is quite clear on how to handle this. Don’t be scared because it’s 29 pages long. Mostly it just lists parameters.

                Page 5 tells you the URL you can post to (either for live-sites or for testing only).

                Pages 6-19 show you what POST values you can send to their server, separated by subject (merchant data, transaction data, customer data etc.)
                Some fields are required, some are optional. A lot of these will be hidden form fields.

                Pages 20-23 shows you what the server will respond. These infos will come back in value1|value2|value3 format, i.e. delimited by the pipe-symbol |.

                Whether a Securent - MODX integration is simple or not depends entirely on your PHP skills. It ain’t rocket science though. And it’s definitely doable in MODx.
                • Thanks. Sadly, my php skills are relatively non-existent. I guess I’ll just have to give it a try and see if luck’s with me.

                  I appreciate your looking at the pdf.