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  • I may have a project coming up, which could require the implementation of a tuition fee payment system for a school - I’m very impressed with modx’s flexibility, and allows me to implement many great features quickly and easily. I’m curious to know if anyone has had any experience with school websites, tuition fees and online payment.

    I can imagine the system will be quite extensive, with automatic reminders, record keeping, letter producing, etc.

    I would be able to develop a system which is external of Modx, however I would prefer to be able to implement this completely integrated with modx. Mainly for the ability to share this functionality with the community and for the ease of repoducing and installing.

    Before I begin an analysis of this system, I would love to gather the opinions and views of the modx community.

    By using Modx, would this system be feasible, or is it recommended to look at more specialized solutions?

    Thank you.