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  • I have a project in the offing for which I have installed both Kiwee Commerce and Treasure chest.

    This project is essientially a design exercise with a few special products thrown in. I really don’t want to embark on drupal/ubercart, oscommerce or zen. Drupal is a complex mess and the carts are just boring shops whatever the skin.

    Kiwee Commerce even in its new form is incomprehensible. Yes, its easy to install (and forgive it mashing the pageid numbers to 4000+) but creating product pages is a downright impossibility with the zero level of data available.

    Creating product content in random places in ones rubric is a joy in Treasurechest. There are a few issues most around javascript and the use of different libraries (I got a wonderful accordion menu going with mootools if anyone wants to see it - it just requires a small change to wayfinder). These libraries prototype, scriptaculous, jquery and mootools dont co-exist very happily and as mootools is default on modx at the moment (quick edit) I move everything to that. Still, enough of that rambling...

    Treasure chest even in its current form is very, very useful and I would LOVE to have a peek at V2 if there is anything. However in the meanwhile the api for changing from paypal so something more normal in New Zealand (like DPS for instance) would be useful. My business partner nearly choked on his sheep sandwich when I showed him the paypal gateway. Yes it’s a doddle to do but just does not look "real" down under.

    Help..I am desperate!!!

    Julian the almost Kiwi (no pun intended)