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  • Hello,

    I am setting up my first MODx site at the moment which happens also to be my first shopping cart site.

    My client has about 4 boutique style products for sale with different size color options of each product available.

    Its a small site and low cost / low volume business based in Australia.

    (FoxyCart is out of the budget for this site unless perhaps it also includes a payment gateway.)

    I am wondering people’s thoughts on MODx shopping carts vs other shopping carts.

    Treasure Chest vs Keewee vs gCart - they sound interesting and thought I would ask users opinion’s before I start using one.

    It looks like minimum costs for payment gateways are about $200 per year which is also out of the client’s budget at this stage.

    So payment gateway wise it looks like its PayPal vs Google Checkout for the site (unless there’s another low cost gateway option you’d recomend) - which would you choose based on any prior experience?

    Thanks in advance.
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    • Sounds like a perfect application for Treasure Chest or gCart indeed. Kiwee has pretty much been abandoned, though there are efforts underway to revive it.
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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      • I think google checkout only works in US and UK...
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        • Thank you kindly guys.

          CharlieZ - you’re right - that made the gateway choice easy - google cart only available to us and uk - for Australia, will run with PayPal.

          rthrash - Thanks for confirming that - will look into both treasure Chest and gCart. Leaning towards Treasure Chest.

          Cheers and all the best.
            Web design Adelaide