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    UPDATE: In AjaxSearch 1.9.2 it’s integrated and all you need to do is: &advSearch=`exactphrase`

    Here is what I needed to do:
    <?php //for highlighting
    function getWhereForm($advSearch){
        $whereForm = array(
          'like' => " LIKE '% word %'",
          'notlike' => " NOT LIKE '% word %'"

    --> Add SPACES around %word% smiley

    ...This is even better:
    <?php // for highlighting 
      function getWhereForm($advSearch){
        $whereForm = array(
          'like' => " REGEXP '[[:<:]]word[[:>:]]'",
          'notlike' => " NOT REGEXP '[[:<:]]word[[:>:]]'"

    Othervise won’t show words like <p>word
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      Yes, it now works for 'exactphrase' in version 1.9.2.

      However, I wanted my search to work with 'allwords', but only match full words, so I tried the recommended code hack (above)...

      This seems to work when NO sub-string matches would be returned (eg: a search for 'erefo' will return nothing even though it occurs in 'therefore'). However, if there is *at least one result* for the search term, it will return *all* the sub-string matches (eg: a search for 'the' will return 'therefore', 'bathed', 'catheter' etc as well as 'the').

      I edited line 568 of the ajaxSearchRequest.class.inc.php file - I assume this is what mrhaw meant. I also kinda assumed the following key should be added to the array, as it's referred to a couple of lines later:

      'regexp' => " REGEXP '[[:<:]]word[[:>:]]'"

      Has anyone else found this problem? Any solutions?