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    I have a new Evo site that uses EZfaq. I have both working nicely.

    Bob’s system uses a published container Resource (in this case Id=7) with an unpublished resource (in this case Id=8) inside that has the actual questions and answers.

    The issue is that the Search function results will display this unpublished resource. I want to stop this from happening.

    I have tried adding parameters to the Search snippet call like &documents=`not in:8` and &parents=`not in:7` and &hideMenu=`0` but none of these prevent this document (Id=8) from showing in the Search results?

    Any idea what I am doing wrong or what to try next?

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      Hi Photo,
      Did you mark the document as un-searchable? I can’t recall if Ajaxsearch obeys this, it’s so unpredictable, but maybe it will.

      Oh, maybe Bob’s app needs the doc to be searchable.... in that case, I don’t know.

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        Actually that fixed it! I overlooked that and was reaching for a parameter instead...

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          My bad. I should mark that doc as non-searchable when I create the sample FAQ and mention that in the tutorial. If only there were more hours in the day. tongue
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