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    Hi! First of all, i’am sorry for my English smiley

    I have problem with Evo 1.0.5 + Ajaxsearch (non ajax mode) in chanks.

    When i try call snippet in chank and input search query - i have no result (no redirect on landing page).

    My call in chank:
    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showInputForm=`1` &showResults=`0` &parents=`in:1` &landingPage=`133` &showIntro=`0` &tplInput=`inputSearch`!]

    Landing page:
    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showInputForm=`1`!]

    But, when i try call in template without chank - redirect and works fine.

    How it’s can be?

    Thank for help!

    UPD. When i put my chank in content - all works fine. But i need make it work in template sad