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    Can’t seem to see the wood for the trees at the moment

    Using Ajax 1.8.5 / Evo 1.0.2- how can I simply add the publication date to the Results - at the moment all I’m using is the result.tpl template (I think) plus the breadcrumbs do not show - have formatted the style and that all looks good see http://www.anotherharddayattheoffice.co.uk/

    <div class="[+as.resultClass+]">
      <a class="[+as.resultLinkClass+]" href="[+as.resultLink+]" title="[+as.longtitle+]">[+as.pagetitle+]</a>
      <span class="[+as.descriptionClass+]">[+as.description+]</span>
      <div class="[+as.extractClass+]"><p>[+as.extract+]</p></div>
      <span class="[+as.breadcrumbsClass+]">[+as.breadcrumbs+]</span>