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    I have an Ajax call for the snippet in my site header as well as the results page, both of which set the &AS_showForm parameter to 0. However, the search field still shows up with the search results. Any idea why? I’m using Evo 1.04 and AjaxSearch 1.9.0.

    Here’s the call in my site header:

    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &AS_showForm=`0` &showResults=`0` &advSearch=`oneword` &tplInput=`ajaxSearch` &withTvs=`+:imageTags,imageTitle,imageFile` &order=`publishedon DESC` &showForm=`0` &filter=`template,18,2|template,5,2|template,10,2|template,14,2|template,16,2||template,17,2|template,4,2|template,7,2|template,13,2|template,3,2` &extract=`2:imageFile,imageTitle` &highlightResult=`0` &asLog=`2:0:200` &landingPage=`70`!]

    Here’s the call on the results page:

    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &AS_showForm=`0` &tplInput=`ajaxSearch` &highlightResult=`0` &asLog=`2:0:200` &filter=`template,18,2|template,5,2|template,10,2|template,14,2|template,16,2||template,17,2|template,4,2|template,7,2|template,13,2|template,3,2`!]

    I guess this brings up another question, which is how to determine which parameters to include with each call. For example, I initially had the filter in only the header call, but the results on the result page wouldn’t filter. That’s confusing to me, since the filter was applied where the search originated. huh

    Anyway, thanks for any input.
    • The parameters have changed. Try &showInputForm=`0`
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        • 32678
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        Thanks -- good to know.