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    Is it possible to have the returned results link to the parent of the results.

    The scenario of what we want to achieve is this

    All the resources are underneath a parent, these resources have all their specified TV’s and related content.
    The Parent has a ditto call to aggregate all of the required content into one page

    A visitor to the site comes along and enters some information into the search, the search returns the results (which are the individual resources)
    When the visitor clicks the link to the resource, they are sent to the parent page of the resources at the specified location in the search results.

    Is this possible or will they always have to go to the individual resource - we don’t want them going to individual resources as the parent page has information related to the manufacturer, product range and after market support.
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      This post will provide you the solution. If you search always the parent of the document you could replace the call to the findIt function by a call to getParent function.