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    Has some one some idea WHY huh in this page the close icon wen use AjaxSearch is duplicated?

    please just try search something and you will see...


    I have been trying everything and nothing!!! undecided undecided undecided

    some ideas please!!!

    thank you!
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      Hola Miguel

      I think you load the file ajaxSearch.js twice. This is the reason why you get the close icon is attached twice to the form.
      The js source code is the following:
        sf = $(p+'ajaxSearch_form');
        if (sf) {
          var c = new Element('img'); //= Close Image
          c.setProperties({src: _close, alt: _closeAlt, id: p+'searchClose'});
          c.setStyle('opacity', '0');
          as['sc'] = c;

      Where is your snippet call ? on your template or on your page ?
      Could you post your AS snippet call. Thanks.
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        Thanks to Coroico i check the code and was an error tongue tongue tongue

        at the end of my html code was


        and should be


        that was the problem, if exist another </head> the search going to run twice!!!

        SORRY and Thank you Coroico !!!!