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  • Can somebody please help me with this...

    I need a search that searches only content with custom TV’s data (tags for cities & clubs)

    I hope you understand what I need with attached image:

    Search for "Name of event"
    -> only under "New York"
    -> and (is it possible to connect the 2 TV data to show only club if it exists in New York?) in club "Club Name"

    P.S. using Evo 1.0.4 and AS 1.9
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      This can be implemented with an ajaxSearch customization.
      Something like on this demo page.

      Set up your "whichEvent" form as usual. Start from the defaut templates/input.tpl.html file form provided with AjaxSearch. Simply add your two select Html tags.
      You need synchronise the club content <option> list (depending of the city value choosen), as usual through javascript or by js+ajax+mysql request (to retreive the "club" list for a city).
      Send me be an email with your input form and the tv names which contains the city and the club. These values should be exist in the site_tmplvar_content table (= output couldn’t be initialized by default)
      And download and install the last version of AjaxSearch from here or here. Lot of issues have been fixed wink