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    I have just started trying MODx Evolution using the Swansong tutorial. When I got to incorporating ajaxSearch (Part 10), The following extra text showed up below the input field.

    "Please enter a search term to begin your search."

    This is not necessary, you know.

    I tried to get rid of, but I could not find this text in the MODx pacakge. Could someone help me get rid of it?

    Could you also tell me where I can find the documentation of ajaxSearch snippet?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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      Navigate to:

      Find your language file and edit it to your needs.

      You can alternatively also check the name of the class or ID and make it invisible using CSS (provided you don’t need it at all) or read post below.

      Documentation can be found on the AjaxSearch website or in:

      There is also an AjaxSearch forum section on this board.

      Hope that helps.

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        from the ajaxSearch_readme.txt file :
        ---- &showIntro [ 0 | 1 ] - introduction message under the input form (optional)
            To show or hide the introduction message displayed with the input form
            Default: 1 (show)

        You could also look at this demo page
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          And I certainly forgot to mention the easiest way. Thanks croc grin
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            Thanks a lot N!Ce & coroico.

            It’s so easy to solve problems if one knows where the answer is, isn’t it?
            Please forgive me in advance if I may ask you guys more stupid questions.

            Kind Regards,