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    Hello, One of the great features of AjaxSearch is the logging introduced in V1.9.

    I use it for ’all ajaxSearch requests are logged’.


    However this doesn’t appear to include failed searches, it logs successful searches only. If this isn’t a bug, can we have an option 3 to log both failed and successful searches?
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      I never answer you but I saw your post tongue

      Issue registered as AJAXSEARCH-78: failed searched never logged

      This issue will be fixed in the next release of AjaxSearch (1.9.2)

      Level 1 will show failed searches only. Level 2, successfull or failed searches
      ---- &asLog - ajaxSearch log [ level [: comment [: purge]]]
                0 : disallow the ajaxSearch log (default)
                1 : failed search requests are logged
                2 : all ajaxSearch requests are logged (successfull and failed)
                0 : user comment not allowed (default)
                1 : user comment allowed
              purge: number of logs allowed before to do an automatic purge of the table
                0 : no purge allowed (= illimited number of logs)
                default: 200
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        Thanks coroico, greatly appreciated.