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    And try with the last AjaxSearch 1.9.1 release. Some issues related to FURL have been corrected.
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      Snippet used in the result page
      [!AjaxSearch? &showInputForm=`0` &ajaxSearch=`0` &parents=`51`!]

      Snippet call
      [!AjaxSearch? ajaxSearch=`1` &landingPage=`8` &moreResultsPage=`8` &showMoreResults=`8` &addJscript=`0` &extract=`0` &AS_showResults=`0` &language=`francais`!]

      I’m already using the 1.9.1

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        The search was working correctly before I upgraded. I was on ajaxsearch 1.8.2 and modx 1.0.2
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          It seems that the release used on http://www.luzdesign.ca/modx/fr/accueil.html
          is the release 1.9.0., not the 1.9.1
          You can easily check this by looking at the source code:
          <!-- start AjaxSearch header -->
          <script type="text/javascript">
          asvar=new Array();asvar[0]='{"vsn":"1.9.0","adv":"oneword","sub":"","bxt":"Saisissez votre recherche ici...","cfg":"&language=`francais` &extract=`0` &landingPage=`8` &moreResultsPage=`8` &addJscript=`0` "}';
          <!-- end AjaxSearch header -->

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            thx for all your effort. The only thinbg i had forgot when upgrading from 1.9 to 1.9.1 was to chnage the code in the snippet in the manager. Now I only got to change some of the parameter for the search area and it will work.

            Your effort was really appreciated.
            Merci beaucoup pour ton travail en ce beau dimanche.
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              hi I implemented ajax search in my site but it is not working properly
              It gives error At least 3 characters are required for your search term while i enter more than 3 character including space
              Plz help me someone