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  • mmm.. having a hard time with this one ... I had a normal 1.8.5 paginated, non ajax search and result .. in the result page the searchform is repeated but just a little bit different ...

    I just don’t succeed at having it a perform a regular results output instead of a groupedresults output .. It seems the pagination subtemplating has changed and i’m a bit at a loss...

    wonder whether it really pays to upgrade ...
    • @bartnelis, maybe this will help you:

      [[AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showInputForm=`0` &grabMax=`5` &highlightResult=`1` &pagingType=`0`]]

      You can edit the pagination HTML in "assets\snippets\ajaxSearch\templates\paging0.tpl.html"
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      • Thx Dragoslav.
        In the end i decided to leave ajaxsearch 1.9.0 for what it is. (Don’t have time to completely figure it out right now)

        As for the templates, I like it that one can define it in chunks (they won’t be overwritten when upgrading)