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  • Didn’t fint any answer by searching the forums: How do I set setup Ajaxsearch to search in TVs?

    Modx 0.95
    AjaxSearch 1.1

    Call in template: [!AjaxSearch? &AS_landing=`59` &AS_showResults=`0` &ajaxSearch=`0`!]

    Call in landing: [!AjaxSearch? &extract=`1` &ajaxMax=`10` &AS_showResults=`1` &AS_showForm=`0`!]

    TV-type: text

    Thanks. smiley
      I think, thererfor I am! But what I am, and why...?
    • Install the latest version ... actually that may only be with the 096 distribution ... way too late here and I can’t recall, but I know the 096 RCs and build tests can search in TVs.
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