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    Hi all;
    I am using three drop-down 1 for Region(initial have some values like Asia,Africa,Australia etc) 2 is country(initial have no option) and 3 is state(initial have no option).

    on change of 1st drop-down(Region) 2nd drop-down(country) display some country depending on Region using javascript.Similarly when we select country 3rd drop-down(state) show state depending on country.
    When efrom post is showing error like that

    Some errors were detected in your form:
    cselcountry » Incorrect value
    cselstate » Incorrect value

    Can anybody tell me what the problem.

    Brijesh Singh
    Aquevix Solution
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      Hello all;
      I get the solution of the problem.
      In select box we just change the rule of #LIST by using calling eform="::0::#EVAL return true;" in select box like

      <select id="cfCselcountry" name="cselcountry" onchange="ff_CselCountry_action(this);" size="1" style="width:150px;" eform="::0::#EVAL return true;">
      <option value="none" >Select Country</option>
      Aquevix Solutions.
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        Oh, thanks!
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          You save me a lof ot time! I've just logged in to say you "Thank you"!