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    We are using the eForm snippet and when the form is filled in with some fields not completed, we get this error:

    Some errors were detected in your form:
    The following required field(s) are missing: Your Name, Your Telephone Number, Your Email Address

    Then when we complete the missing fields (as highlighted in red), we get this error and the only way we can add the missing info is to refresh the page and start again.....

    Some errors were detected in your form:
    [undefined] » Tampering attempt detected!
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      This usually indicates that there’s a hidden field which is filled dynamically. eForm by default does nto react well when validating hidden fields if the value of these changes from the default value as set in the form template.

      What’s your form template like and if you do have hidden fields what sort of values are you expecting?
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        I’m translating a website that utilises eForm for a simple contact form.

        I’ve translated everything on the form, except for the error messages "Some errors were detected in your form", and "Invalid verification code"...I’ve searched in eform.inc.php and even the eForm snippet, but can find nowhere these phrases to be able to change them.

        I guess it’s the origin of the placeholder that I need to track down, really, but cannot find that. On the form the placeholder is referred to as [+validationmessage+].

        Can anyone throw me a tip as to where I should be looking, please? Clearly I am missing a trick here!

        If it helps, the site is www.ollythebuilder.com, and the actual contact page with this translation error is http://ollythebuilder.com/contactar. If you type submit the form with no information you will see the error message I am referring to.

        Many thanks for any light that you can throw on this.

        Olly. (ollythebuilder, NOT to be confused with joetheplumber!!)

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          Look in the language file for $_lang["ef_validation_message"] and $_lang["ef_failed_vericode"]

          In fact you should do all your translation in the language file. Chances are there’s already a language file for your language in the .../eform/lang/ folder and if there isn’t please make it available for everyone once your finished translating smiley