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    My question is if there is a formgenerator for modx, so the end-users can edit the forms for themselfs.
    And wen they finish the form, it will be written to the database and will write chunks in the site, so the en-user
    just have to fill in the call for the form in the content.

    Sorry my English is a bit poor, i hope u can make something out of it.

    Is there a snippet or chunk available for this guy’s? or is there some one that can guide me?

    Pls, help me out here......kinda with ma hands in my hair...



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      You can do all that you want with eForm and eForm2db snippets. However the end-user created forms is not an option. I think that you will need to do something custom for this. What kind of control would you be looking for? If it is simple you may be able to provide various forms to choose from.
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        Hi Dev,

        It has to be simple, wen the end-user is done filling in the form, he should be able to redirect back to the search area were the result were.
        It don’t matter if its a simple button or Wat.....let me know Wat is the best solution pls...

        Big thank you for you wink

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          a back link in the thankyou chunk with
          a href="[~[*id*]~]"
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            Thx guys tongue

            It worked out perfectly smiley