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    I have a recurring problem with missing image thumbnails in the file browser. I can see from the forums that other people report similar problems, but my circumstances don’t seem to fit with other solutions. Here is what happens.

    I develop a new website on domain www.test-server.com/client - everything works perfectly, I can upload images and see their thumbnails. All good.

    The problem presents itself when I move the site onto its live domain, eg www.client.com

    So I copy down all the files via FTP and the database, and upload them to the new domain. Everything works perfectly apart from the thumbnails which are all broken. I can see the thumbnails via FTP (in assets/images/dir) but they simply won’t show in the file browser.

    Both domains are on the same server, so this is not a PHP component issue. I also take care to adjust the path to the file browser when it goes live.

    Also, uploading NEW images to the new site is no problem, the thumbnails show. It’s the ones that I migrated that are not showing.

    My best guess is that this is some kind of file ownership issue, and the migrated thumbnails somehow have the wrong ownership as a result of being FTPd rather than uploaded via the site itself.

    I hope this is clear ...

    Has anyone experienced this and have a fix?

    Many thanks!

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      Sorry if this sounds obvious, but when you moved the site, did you update the file paths in the configuration? This would be the File Manager Path and the File Base Path.
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        Hi Samba

        Yes, they are all updated to the new path. As new uploads work fine, I don’t think it is a path issue.
        • Does sound like a permission problem. Are the permissions for the old file different than those for new ones? Your FTP client should be able to show you the file permissions.
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            Comparing the FTP views of both the old and new, the permissions look exactly the same.
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              Found a solution ... if I delete all the .thumbnail files via FTP, ModX regenerates them when I go to the file manager, and the new ones are visible!
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                where are the .thumbnail files located? Thanks - Ive the same issue