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    I can’t see thumbnails for images bigger than 2 mb. Can’t edit it too.

    Nobody have a solution for this?

    The problem is that no thumbnail is created when the image is greater than 2 MB. I did changes the settings in php.ini, and the limitation seems to be in the resources explorer itself.

    Please help! Thanks
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      Had the same problem. I thought it was filesize but it turns out it’s image dimensions. Any image no matter what the filesize I upload that is larger than 2499x2499 does not create thumbnails for it.

      EDIT: Maybe it’s a total. of 5500px? I have had success with a 3072x2048 picture and even a 2999x2499, but if I exceed aprox 5500px adding both dimensions together it won’t create thumbnails. Resize to under that and it works as expected.