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  • Hi, i have a very weird problem that I’ve never encountered before.

    Using MODx (an older install) and the TinyMCE + mpuck versions that came wit it, i can use QuickEdit to upload and manage images in the assets/images directory and files in the assets/files directory.

    PROBLEM: if I create any sub-directories, like assets/images/events or assets/files/pdf from the file manager, and then try to upload anything in them, i get the "failed to upload file. internal error..."

    I checked the permissions they’re all 0777, and I’ve checked the resource browser paths, they’re all set as in the DOCUMENT_ROOT setting in php.ini.

    How come I can upload in the main resource directories but not in any of their sub-directories?
    I’ve searched around but can’t find anything relevant.
    Can anybody please help me solve this?

    • Update: problem persists after I upgraded to modx Evolution 1.0. Only thing I kept were the database tables, I basically replaced the whole install (deleted 9.6.2 then installed 1.0 and copied over the template and page content).

      What gives?? Some people are getting a really bad impression of MODx because of this nasty little bug. Please, can’t anybody help?
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        I also have the same problem. Using Modx. 1.0.2 !! I can see the directory, but can not upload image to that directory.
        Any tips ?

        - pedma -
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          I had this problem with 09x as well, so it’s nothing new. I upgraded to Evo hoping there would be new code to fix it, but didn’t work. Mostly happens when there are a lot of images I think.
            Mark Macatee
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            I have the same problem, the funny thing is that i used the same version of modx 1.0.2 on an other server (same host, same linux,php,mysql) and there all works fine.

            searching the web for 2 days now without finding a solution.

            I tried to install ModX Revolution first von this server, can it be that that’s the problem?
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              Try to disable safe_mode
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                I’m having the same problem. What’s frustrating is that I have two other modx sites running on the same server-- they both upload images just fine, so why the heck isn’t it working on this one??? File permissions are 777, safe_mode is false. Anyone got a clue? I need to get images on this puppy asap. undecided
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                  Try editing that user’s ’uploadable image/file/flash/file types’, either by checking the ’Use System Configuration Setting’ or entering specific file extensions.

                  Go to Security -> Manage Users -> [select the specific user] -> User (subtab). Scroll down and edit all four ’uploadable types’.

                  I had this same symptom: one administrator could upload images, but the other couldn’t. Apparently those ’uploadable types’ weren’t automatically set to ’use system setting’ when the user was created.

                  Hope this helps for you.
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                    my host changed the website to another server and the problem was solved.

                    never asked the host what the problem was as i was happy with the result.
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                      I’m not sure if my problem was exactly the same as the other posters here but during my searches I kept coming across this thread which doesn’t really have a solution, so I’m posting this in the hope that it might help someone else out. I solved mine simply by recreating the asset directory structure within the subdirectory.

                      After literally hours of searching and despair I decided to actually read the notes for "File base path" in the manager, and it says:

                      NOTE: The File Browser directory must contain the subfolders images, files, flash and media in order for the file browser to function correctly.

                      So now my folder structure looks something like:




                      Now my manager users can upload and insert images and only ever see what’s in their own folder and now TinyMCE is happy, although I also had to make sure the maximum upload size was set large enough.

                      I’m no PHP guru, so if any MODx pros here can see a downside (esp security wise) to this method could you PLEASE TELL ME. undecided