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  • I have a problem when trying to insert an image to document content field (TinyMCE editor). When I click "Browse" (next to "Image URL"), a window pops up (all right and good this far smiley) but nothing comes up but multiple "Page not found" texts. Here’s a screenshot:

    At first I thought that some files had gotten corrupted in the install, so I installed another instance of MODx to another folder on the same server, but the problem persists, which leads me to think that it might have something to do with the server settings or something?

    I’ve successfully installed and configured about 10 MODx sites, never seen this error before. Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance. Here’s some info about the system:
    MODx version
    Database Version: 5.0.22

    • First thing to do is check permissions on the assets, assets/files and assets/images folders on most servers this is going to need be 777 on others 755. If that were the case thought you would likely get a "You don’t have permission" error and not page not found.

      If this is not the normal server you use you may want to see if php is running as an Apache module or via CGI (which is often implemented with suExec and permissions accordingly)
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      • Thanks for your reply. The permissions were the first thing I checked, they seem to be ok.

        It seems that it is running via CGI, got this from the phpinfo: "GATEWAY_INTERFACE CGI/1.1". So apparently I have to contact the hosting company and ask them about the permissions since I don’t have access to a control panel (I got this from their FAQ)?
        • Ok, it seems I’ve found the problem:
          The MODx installation is in www.url.com/www09, with the current site (not a MODx site) in www.url.com and this site has a set of .htaccess RewriteRules that somehow end up messing up the directories in question. So I put a .htaccess with RewriteEngine Off in the root of my MODx installation and it works perfectly!

          (I might want to use friendly url’s in my site, but I’ll deal with it when the time comes to take down the old site and put the new one up.)