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  • I’ve noticed that after I have gone into the file browser and click to edit an image, launch MCPuck image editor, it creates a second file, same name and appends an incremental number. Cracking it open It looks like it supposed to do this (imageEditor.php file, line 256) but I am wondering why this is set up this way? Security reasons perhaps or a safety (but isnt that what the temp file is for)

    Once I refresh the file browser I can go in and delete the increm. number from the file name and it overwrites the old file (and saving the new settings) but that seems an uneccesary step for you to bounce through. Im thinking a save as would be more appropriate (Ive tried renaming it in the save setting in the MCpuck window but it still writes out the new file)

    Not a real big deal but Id thought Id ask...