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  • Sirs

    Another one from rev 3741 .

    For those of you that upgraded the initial TinyMCE to 3101 and then broke the file browser.... I could not get the filebrowser connector working for love nor money but investigation then found that the value of rb_base_url a DB settings value has significantly changed in this version and this was reflected in the MCPUK connectot config in the manager version.

    I was forced to copy this change arounf line 90 of connectors/php/config.php to the new version. I will also bring this to the attention of the tinyMCE forum

    $basedir = $base_path.$rb_base_dir;
    if($_GET['editor'] == 'fckeditor2' && $strip_image_paths == 1){
    	$baseurl = $base_url.$rb_base_url;
    	$baseurl = $site_url.$rb_base_url;
    /* The physical path to the document root, Set manually if not using apache	*/
    $fckphp_config['basedir'] = (substr($basedir,-1)=="/") ? substr($basedir,0,-1):$basedir;

    • I have problem with TV-file browsing (when you set a TV to the type ’file’).
      In my 0962rc2 install the code you presented is just like that in manager\media\browser\mcpuk\connectors\php\config.php.
      Is it possible that for TV’s it must be changed somewhere else too?