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    Hey all
    Got a TV binding query/issue was looking for some help with.
    I’ve created a TV so that documents using certain templates can upload files from particular directories in the assets folder.
    Am I correct in assuming that if I create a TV with the input type FILE and create a @DIRECTORY call under Input Option Values that the defined directory will become the default viewed through the pop-up FCKeditor file manager or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick.
    Currently, when the insert button is pressed to choose a file, the pop-up file manager defaults to the assets/files folder, irrespective of any bindings.

    Yours confused.


    PS Context as follows:
    PHP 5.1.4 on Apache 2.2.2, Windows XP SP 2
    MySQL 5.0.21
    MODx 0.9.6 rev 2767
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      Think have got the wrong end of the stick on this one but how then do I specify the default folder for IMAGE type inputs for a TV (i.e. the default folder to choose images from within the FCKeditor file manager that the IMAGE input initiates)?

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        I think its hardcoded in the file browser. ... unfortunately.

        note: i modified a subject slightly and moved the topic in its appropriate place. It helps post to be seen by related people faster.
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