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    I am mani. I have some problem with "MODx-Tinymce" editor which is,

    In the Tinymce editor, While i configure images using browse button, It showed all images as a "Icon" from the "File Upload Folder". But i need that "Image Icon with Image Preview".

    If anyone good at this, please help me.


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      Upon attempting to load images, the file browser tries to create a thumbnail in the same directory as the image by create a file with the same name as the image prefixed with ’.thumb_’. If thumbs aren’t being created, there are a couple of things that it could be. First, check to see that the assets/images directory has full write permissions (777). If that doesn’t do it, then there might be a problem either with the ability to create hidden files on the server via PHP or a problem with the GD module in PHP.

      Hope this helps. smiley
        Jeff Whitfield

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