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  • Hi guys,

    I’m sure you can answer my question, I have not found a similar question by now.

    I used my Website with FCKeditor before and told my users to use one Directory for Media and Files  (/assets/media/).
    FCKeditors dialoge had let me choose the Directory (Dropdown Field upper left corner) with Images / Media / Files and Flash I believe.

    TinyMCE’s MCpuck does not allow any other than ’Files’ in the dropdown (when using the link-button).
    OK, lets see what I tried:

    Option 1: setting  type = ’media’;  in /var/www/assets/plugins/tinymce303/tinymce.functions.php in the switch-thing:
    switch (type) {
                            case "image":
                                    type = 'images';
                            case "media":
                            case "flash":
                            case "file":
                              type = 'files';
                                    return false;

    RESULT: MCpuck shows empty fields for all types (even images) -> probably an error somewhere (?)

    Option 2:   remove (and backup) the files-folder (/var/www/assets/files/)  and make a symbolic Link to media called files via
    ln - s media/ files

    RESULT: Working sometimes.
    I figured out, when not working, doing a  apache2ctl graceful and a restart of Firefox makes it working.

    But what can be the reason why? What can be the reason that it sometimes works and sometimes not?
    A linux symblic Link is - i thought so - always working like the original folder (?)

    The file permissions (or better the folder permissions) are set correctly, all of them (root:www-data, 664)
    The webserver is a Debian maschine.

    Thanks for your replies.
    • this post might help or lead you in the right direction: http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,17617.msg147186.html#msg147186