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    Hello, I have a very strange, reproducable problem here.

    I got a web site with MODx 0.9.6 running on LINUX with Apache 1.3.37. When I access the manager with Firefox (1.53,, on Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X), Firefox hangs up when I open the resource browser (e.g. for selecting an already uploaded image).

    The assets/images folder currently has 294 items plus 5 folders. My Fx shows empty image rectangles (as if the src attribute would be wrong) and then nothing more happens. Additionally, the complete internet connection hangs. I can successfully ping the router in the LAN, but I can’t get to the WAN. I must restart the PC. Same problem on Mac OS X 10.4.

    If I use Internet Explorer (7), everything works fine.

    I’m using the pre-installed Tiny MCE

    Does anybody have the same problem?
    Thanks for hints
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      Could this be related to a firefox add-on you may be using?
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        I first thought so, too. But the problem exists on at least 5 machines where I tested it. And at least 2 of them have no add-ons installed undecided

        • I’ve not ever experienced those issues in over a dozen installs on various systems. I would suggest that you might re-upload the TinyMCE files (from the repository) files OR if you have the web developer toolbar or firebug for firefox to see what JS error is being thrown before your browser crashes. I’d also look at TinyMCE forums to see if there is a quirky bug.
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          • You mentioned 0.9.6 -- have you not upgraded to the latest security patches? This sounds suspicious. Also, do you run the NoScript extension by chance? If so, you could check and make sure all the scripts are coming from your domain; that will rule out any compromise or malicious script installed by the kiddies.