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    I’m not able to upload picture via the FCKeditor / Resource Browser. No contents is showing up and I can’t upload any more pictures/files. I run it with FireBug and here is the error I get in the console:
    get http: //localhost/testProject/manager/media/browser/mcpuk/connectors/php/connecor.php?Command=GetFolders&Type=images&ExtraParams=&CurrentFolder=/ (fckxml.js line 73)
    The error is:
    oNode has no properties
         GetFoldersAndFilesCallBack(Object DOMDocument=document)

    I’m totally stuck! Has anyone encountered this error before?
    Thanks for helping.....

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      I got it. I was uploading a file with a Spanish character and that screwed up everything....
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        Hello Eric,

        Could you tell me how you fixed this problem?
        i have the same siuation and i tried all kind of things but none of them worked out.

        Best regards