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    Everything was working fine until I tried to upload a 2MB avi-file via the TinyMCE filemanager. When it was "done" uploading, the filemanager turned blank. It is showing no files at all, even though I have uploaded a whole bunch of files (not blank litteraly, it’s just not showing any files).

    I went to see the physical folder-structure on my server, and in the assets/files-folder it had not uploaded a avi-file, instead it had created a new folder with the name of the avi: moviename.avi. Inside this folder it had created a whole bunch of new folders.

    Now, if I go through resources/manage files and browse to the files-folder, all my uploaded files are still there. They just won’t show in the TinyMCE filemanager. Have anyone got a clue what’s going on and how to fix it? I am clueless.

    I hope you understand what I mean, despite my bad english.

    I am running ModX 0.9.6 on an W2K server with IIS.

    Solution: I deleted the "browser"-folder from manager/media and reuploaded it. Now it is working fine again.