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  • Hi all

    When I tried to insert images to tinymce editor by using insert/edit image window [ I click on insert/edit image button on WYSIWYG editor, then insert/edit image window appeared and I click on browse button. The FCKEditor window appeared ] FCKEditor window takes too much time to display the images. Also, 1. After I select an image it doesn’t show it in the Preview before inserting. After I insert, the image doesn’t show in the page. 2. When I click on an images subfolder (when in Firefox only), it doesn’t open. Just brings me to the top of the page. The image folder contains 366 images and 51 folders . All the 51 folders contain around 1170 images.
    There is any plugins/snippets for Filemanager/Imagemanager to solve this problem ?

    When tried to upload large files ( between 13-20 MB) it doesnot upload. According to our host company , the maximum upload size is set to 7MB and it can’t change.
    How can our customer upload the large files? thers is any plugins / tools ? because FTP uploading causes problems with customers.

    pls help me...

    • You won’t be able to exceed file size limits in PHP transfers with online file browsers (PHP ones anyway).

      You’ll need to use an FTP client, or get a dedicated/virtual server that you have more control over the php.ini settings/configuration.
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