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    I’m using 0.9.6 for the first time.
    The issue I am having is in the path: /manager/media/ImageEditor/editorFrame.php.
    The image src was given as a relative path and so the browser looks for e.g.
    instead of

    In the Administration console, Tools -> Configuration -> Interface & Features -> the ’Resource URL’ has not a leading slash, e.g. ’assets/’ as is suggested in some form posts. In the case when the ’Resource URL is set: ’/assets/’ then not only the Image editor is not working but also the Tiny Mce finds only the image placeholder .

    Please, help me to fix this problem.


      • 26115
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      Please, is there someone who had the same problem or knows the solution?
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        it does seem that mod-x does not set this directory up correctly on default install. I’ve just fixed this problem by setting the resource URL config to an absolute path. e.g for standard install /modx-0961p2/assets/