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  • Hi All,

    I tried to find some posts on this and only found one which didn’t help. When I upload and add an image with FCK or TinyMce the image works ok on the live site but doesn’t appear in the editor. All I get is a placeholder with a Red X in it (see attached). Any thoughts? I’m running 0.9.5 and 0.9.6.


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    • Hi mate,
      I have exactly same problem, but my images work in Tiny, but doesnt work in FCK. I don`t know where is problem.
      • In the manager, configuration settings, you have to set Rewrite browser paths to No. See my post here. The newest version of FCKeditor still has this bug. sad

        I’ve already posted this bug in the bug/feature tracker as you can see here, but it hasn’t been adressed yet.
        • Hi I tried to change this but it is still same thing... Images are alright on the front end, but in the manager I cant see anything. just border of image and then I save the site it disappear at all????
          I am using Tiny now because it is better than FCK. (with images)
          But in Tiny I have got some problems with anchors and editing css style...
          And in the newest version of tiny with font style and font size....