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  • Thumbnails for PNGs show up in the FCK image browser, but not for JPEGs. After reading other posts I ran PHPInfo() and see that JPEG support is enabled but the libJPEG Version is listed as ’Unknown’. This occurs for both PHP5.2.13 and 5.3.2. I’m running Evo 1.0.4. and MAMP 1.9 on OS X 10.5.8.

    Can anyone provide a remedy for this issue?


    Here’s more information. As mentioned above, I’m running MAMP 1.9, which includes "libjpeg.8.dylib". OS X 10.5.8 includes "libJPEG" and "libJP2". From what I’ve gathered from the MAMP forum, this should not cause a conflict.

    It would be great, though, if someone from the MODx team would reply with insight. This issue appears to not have occurred for some time and I need to resolve this ASAP. It is imperative that I’m able to see and use jpegs within my dev environment.

    • Is there anybody who can provide insight into this issue? It seems remarkable that something so fundamental doesn’t function properly.