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    I’m having a problem with my file browser in the main content area. The file browser will come up when I want to place an image or link to a file, but when I click the icon for the image/file nothing happens.

    I believe this is happening because the javascript for the browser pop-up window is not loading correctly. The attached screenshot shows the incorrect file path that the file browser is using to attempt loading the javascript files.

    I’ve determined that the file path is being passed as a URL parameter, but I’m not sure how to solve the problem.

    I’m running MODx 1.0.3
    The site is on a bluehost server. Apache 2.2.15 :: PHP 5.2.13
    I have fckEditor and tinyMCE installed, this problem occurs for both of them, so I don’t think it is specific to the plugin.
    I’m using image template variables, and the file browser works correctly in this case.
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      I’m taking a wild guess here, but I found that after several modx upgrades from 0.9.3 up to 1.0.3 I had quite a few versions of tinymce in there.

      With 1.0.3, I decided to remove all the old plugins using the manager except for the latest, which is /modules/tinymce, not the numbered version you have in your path. Could it be that you need to update your plugins in the elements config?