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    I’m having real trouble trying to upload images via FCKEditor. The prgress bar goes straight to 50% and stalls, and the upload will not complete. I’m running 1.0.2

    I’ve tried using files without any strange characters, spaces, dashes etc.
    The files are small (4kb), so I can’t see it can be that.
    Pretty sure permissions and file paths are as they should be.

    I can upload via an external FTP client fine, and they show up ok in FCKEditor to then select, but I can’t actually upload files with FCKEditor, which I need to work for clients to add images.

    Has anybody else had this problem?

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      In my case I had to rename the ht.access file in the manager/media/browser/connectors/php/ folder to .htaccess - the problem appears to be an issue with the web server security settings that this corrects to something workable.
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        I had the same issue with uploads being stuck at 50% (status bar indicates activity and then just displays done but without any uploads actually done). Managed to trace the problem down with PHP’s setting of max_upload_filesize and post_max_size - they needed to be set higher in my case, around 30M.