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    Hi All,

    I have a website with multi groups, each group has multi users.

    The Groups/Users :
    GroupA has users : userA1, user A2, userA3
    GroupB has users : userB1, userB2, userB3

    The directories :

    .../images/GroupA as the image Rootpath of GroupA
    .../images/GroupB as the image Rootpath of GroupB

    If userA1, userA2 or userA3 wants to upload image in TinyMCE / FckEditor, he will only see their image Root path : ’GroupA’ (they can not access directory ’images’ or ’images/GroupB’
    but they can see directory ’GroupA/gallery’ or ’GroupA/slideshow’) & they can create SubDirectory under ’GroupA’ or ’GroupA/subdir/subdir’ ...

    This is also the same for userB1, userB2, userB3. They can’t access the directory ’GroupA’ or its Subdirectory, just can access directory ’GroupB’

    I found this solution (FckEditor) :
    http://cksource.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7758&start=10 (Using COOKIES).

    I think it can be done also in Modx. I must get the GroupName of the logged in user, set it as the ’UserFilesPath’ may be like this :

    =================== Setting cookie =========================
    setcookie(’fckuserid’, $GroupName, time()+86400*30, ’/’);

    =================== Edit fckeditor’s config.php file =================
    if (!empty($_COOKIE[’fckuserid’]))
    $Config[’UserFilesPath’] = ’/images/’.$_COOKIE[’fckuserid’];
    $Config[’UserFilesPath’] = ’/images/default/’;

    ==================== Edit fckconfig.js file =============
    FCKConfig.PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser = true ;

    The problems :
    *) How to get the GroupName of current logged in user if we know the userId via $modx->getLoginUserID(’mgr’) ?
    *) Where must I set the Cookie: at Template, TV, chunks, snippets, module, or other ?
    *) How to get the cookies value in Modx (it’s the same like normal php ways: $_COOKIE(’fckuserid’) ?
    *) Any other tips to implement this in Modx ? Any information will be very helpful.

    Many thanks.
    - pedma -