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    The FCK editor plugin (2.6.5 GA) download link seems to be busted. Can anyone tell me a) what the correct link is, b) how to integrate the code available on the editor’s website into Evo 1.0.2, or, c) point me to a free TinyMCE plugin that is an alternative to the MCImagemanager plugin?

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      It seems there are some issues with the extras section, as I’ve read similar problems in another thread. Hope they’ll fix it soon.

      As I updated the FCKEditor files (I did not write this plugin, nor the installer), I’ve placed it on my own site. You can find the file here: http://webenet.nl/resources.html

      Just download the file, unzip it and upload the assets and install folders to the root of your site. For installing, just use the url http://yoursite.com/install and follow the instructions.

      In the Manager configuration, you have to set FCKEditor as the rich text editor of your choice wink
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        Thank you! By the way, can you elaborate on what you updated in the files (if it’s anything significant)?
        Thanks again, MattC
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          Apparently version 2.6.4 had a security issue, which was resolved in version

          2.6.5 has some added functionalities, as you can read here.

          I just replaced the FCKEditor specific files from the 2.6.4 plugin with 2.6.5 and updated the version number in the installer and plugin template. All other MODx specific stuff I’ve left untouched.

          The installation is tested on several of my sites using Evo 1.0.2 without any problems. I decided to share this update so other users could benefit from it as well.

          It’s my way to give something back to this wonderful cms and it’s community smiley
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            Thank you very much for the download but the install help site doesn’t work undecided

            // haha sorry, I am so stupid grin
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              Sorry for a stupid question smiley but I have a problem with

              Run the installer http://www.yoursite.com/install/

              When I try to do this my site just go to index page though I extracted the files. What should I do? huh
                samurai smiley
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                Have you uploaded both the assets and install folder to your MODx installation directory?

                If http://yoursite.com/install doesn’t work, you could also try http://yoursite.com/install/index.php

                If this doesn’t help, it could also be that your downloaded file got corrupted somehow. In that case download the file again and try a that installation.
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                  Well, since no one seems to be able to fix the broken link, I’ve uploaded the file again to the extras section and now the download link works. smiley

                  There is no link to the support thread either, so I will put a link to this thread instead.