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    As the subject says, no images appear in the FCKeditor Resources Browser. I know very well that there are two folders in the assets/images/ folder. I have been trying to add an image to a web page, but when I go through this path: tinymce > insert/edit image > Image URL browse, no image folders appear in the FCKeditor Resources Browser. Even if I choose FCKeditor as the edit in the editing web page, the problem still happens. Can someone please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
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      I have just solved the problem. The solution was that /html/ was missing from Tools > Configuration > Interface & Features, file base path.
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        I had a similar problem were no files nor folders showing up in FCK.

        I checked, double checked my file paths and based on what I could find poking around they were correct. I also checked out a ton of different threads on the issue.

        It wasn’t until I searched for something related to the file manager that I found out your document root can be found in the manager here:

        Reports -> System Info -> Click on ’view’ for phpInfo() -> Find the path listed for _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]

        I’d suggest making sure that your path matches this if you are having similar problems.