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    Having some issues with FCKeditor. They seem to be permissions-based but I’m almost certain I have the folders at least set up right.

    I have an "Image" TV set up and it launches FCKeditor to select an image, but you should also be able to manage folders and upload images.

    The problem is that whilst I can create a new folder in the default assets/images folder, I can not then create a sub-folder within the new folder. The error message is a rather mysterious "Unknown error creating folder".

    I can upload images using FCKeditor to /assets/images but I can not use it to upload images to any folders I create with FCKeditor.

    Tried changing the Modx configuration for the file manager to default folders to 777 and files to 666. It is definitely setting those permissions but the problem won’t go away.

    The only way to create the directory tree I want is via FTP. However, I still can’t upload any images to the new folders with FCKeditor!

    When attempting to upload images, I get the following message:

    Error, "Failed to upload file, internal error..."

    I’m just trying to upload files with .png or .jpg extensions, nothing unusual. They’re small files, 5-50kb.

    Any suggestions / solutions?

    At this point all I can do is create the folders offline, pre-make all the images I need, then FTP everything across, using FCKeditor to simply select the images, which really defeats the whole purpose of having it. Luckily this is just for my own site but if a client needed FCKeditor I’d be well and truly.. well, you can finish the pun yourself. wink


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      I am having the same issue. I’m using 9.6.3 and FCKeditor 2.4 I get the error: Error, "Failed to upload file, internal error..."
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        I am having the same problem.. has anyone found a solution?
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          I’m am struggling too with this problem - new folders in the images-folder are automatically made with 755-permissions.

          Hope someone can come up with a solution?