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    I have this error while trying to install the package:
    Console running...
    PHP warning: ZipArchive::extractTo() [ziparchive.extractto]: Invalid or unitialized Zip object
    Attempting to install package with signature: tinymce-4.3.0-rc2
    Could not install package with signature: tinymce-4.3.0-rc2
    PHP warning: ZipArchive::close() [ziparchive.close]: Invalid or unitialized Zip object
    Package found...now preparing to install.
    xPDOZip: Error opening archive at /home/brunet11/public_html/core/packages/tinymce-4.3.0-rc2.transport.zip
    Could not unpack package /home/brunet11/public_html/core/packages/tinymce-4.3.0-rc2.transport.zip to /home/brunet11/public_html/core/packages/. SIG: tinymce-4.3.0-rc2

    Is this package corrupt ?


    In both methods (direct download and package management) the zip files have the same dimension of 1.4 Mb (downloaded file and file in /core/packages)

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      Your PHP ZipArchive extension is faulty. Go to System Settings and change the setting ’archive_with’ to 1.
        shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com
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        I think you have to set system setting: "archive_with" to yes.
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          Thanks very much. This setting solved.

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            Had problem installing TinyMCE, searched this forum, followed the Archive_with instruction and it's working now! Thank you very much.