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  • I’ve done this in Evolution, but not sure how to do this in Revo. I would like to add a "tables" button in my TinyMCE editor. Could someone tell me how to do this? Thanks.
      Lee Brinckley
      Manassas, VA (Washington DC)
      Twitter - @leebrinckley
    • Two system settings under TinyMCE:

      tiny.custom_plugins - add ’table’ to the comma-delimited list
      tiny.custom_buttons3 (or whatever row you want to add it to)- add ’tablecontrols’ to the comma-delimited list.

      That should do it.
      • Thanks! The addition to tiny.custom_plugins is what I was missing.
          Lee Brinckley
          Manassas, VA (Washington DC)
          Twitter - @leebrinckley
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          • IGNORE THIS - I was filtering MODx settings by area, ie, the second drop-down, rather than the first drop-down.

            I just installed TinyMCE 4.3.3 on Revo 2.2.9 and don't get any of these options. I get a settings area called "Rich Text Editor" with settings "Path to CSS" and "CSS selectors for Editor" (and a couple others - enable, select an editor and Elements editor).

            These aren't easy to use. I've customized TinyMCE before but this doesn't give me the same access. I have pointed TinyMCE to my CSS file but that imports too many styles, I've tried a few formats for CSS selectors but can't get anything to restrict the editor, let alone exclude buttons from the editor. I looked at the TinyMCE template setting but I can't figure out what this is nor where it goes in my settings.

            What's happened to my TinyMCE? It is where my users will spend the bulk of their time and frustrations, so I really want to get it tweaked.

            Huge thanks,
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            • But I do have a valid question. I want to set the TinyMCE "body_id" setting. The only way I have found to do it is by adding the line:

              'body_id' => 'leftpanel',

              to core/components/tinymce/tinymce.class.php at line 125. Is there a nicer way to do this, that won't be over-ridden by an upgrade of the extra?

              • TinyMCE editor will be blank after add »table« to the plugin list. I'm using MODx 2.5.1 and TnyMCE 4.3.4. Deleting the table plugin doesn't bring back the editor. I have to reinstall TinyMCE completely.
                • Use TinymceWrapper and be done with it already. This thread is too old to exist.
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