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  • I have installed modx revolution 2.0.1-pl Traditional and i added spellchecker and template in systems settings --> custom plugins


    and add the buttons in Custom Buttons Row 3

    The buttom Template shows up but spellchecker button is empty

    Has anyone experience the same issue?


    • Yes, same here on Revo 2.0.2
        MODX Revo Tutorials:

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      • yep, doesn’t seem to be any support for spell check yet
        hehe see my lonely post:,50651.msg294603.html#msg294603
        • The spellchecker plugin for TinyMCE (version 4.1.2 and probably other versions) that is included with the download from MODx Package Management is incomplete. I was able to get the spellchecker working in MODx 2.0.6 by downloading the PHP Spellchecker plugin on and following the ’Installation Instructions’ on using the GoogleSpell engine. You will need to replace the existing ’assets/components/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/spellchecker’ folder with the new folder/files you downloaded through the link above. All TinyMCE configuration is located in system > system settings in the tinymce area.
          • Doesn't seem to work for me, using 2.2.10pl an tinymce 4.4.3
            Follow the instrucions mentioned here:

            The spellcheck button shows neatly in the editor, but when I press it I always get the same message, regardless of the selected language or wether the entered text is correct or not:
            No misspellings found.

            Any idea how to get it to work?
            • Hi Chris
              Yes, that's the same point I've got to. It appears OK but 'no misspellings found' for anything
              Did you get anywhere?
              • I am experiencing the same issue, of no misspelled words. Has anyone been able to have the spellchecker detect misspellings.

                It looks like the google spellchecker api is no longer working?
                [ed. note: digitalbart2 last edited this post 4 years, 2 months ago.]
                • Is the browser's spell checker insufficient? There is a way to activate it so that TinyMCE can use it
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