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    Hi guys,

    du you know why my Safari (3.1.1 under OSX) does not open the dialoges correctly?
    The dialoges work in Firefox (osx) and InternetExplorer (win) correctly, I’ve not been able to test KDE Konqueror

    When I click a button which opens a dialoge (eg. Image or Link or Help), an empty window with the title:
    #advimage_dlg.dialog_title  or
    #advlink_dlg.dialog_title    or
    #media_dlg.dialog_title    or

    appears (first for image, second for link etc.)

    how can I fix that? Can you share the same problems?

    My TinyMCE is the latest (3.08), my ModX version is


    Opera does open the first dialoges, but the whole MCpuk window stays empty

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      Same here. My config is MODx / FF 3 / Safari 3.1 / OS X. Popup works, but the page is blank. Right click -> view source shows the source, but I wonder if
      <body ... style="display: none;"
      is okay??? 

      Steffen, did you ever manage that?
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        Found it. I was using domain.tld/manager to login to my backend, while .htaccess redirects to www.domain.tld. As a result some paths in TinyMCE where broken, I guess. Using www.domain.tld/manager works like a charm.
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          So I moved a website between servers, created/deleted manager users, turned on/off countless server settings, recorded video tutorials how to clear cache and delete cookies. Made my client install new browsers, get his network support to turn off a firewall and had him access the manager from his phone. Then I found this thread. A whole day of our life is now gone... laugh

          //mrhaw remove www
          if (substr($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 0, 4) === 'www.') {
              header('Location: http'.(isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS']=='on' ? 's':'').'://' . substr($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 4).$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
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