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  • Is there a way to have TinyMCE set to advanced toolbars on my installation of Modx 0.9.5 and still be able to use the resource browser when I insert an image? It seems that if I set the toolbar set to ’full’ I get a button in the tinymce insert image window that allows me to load the resource browser and choose an existing image on the server. However this button doesn’t appear when I’m using the advanced toolbar set.

    Anyone know of a way around this?
    • As lame as it sounds, both the Simple and Advanced themes do not allow for the use of the resource browser. Only the Full and Custom ones do. In the newest version of the TinyMCE plugin, the Full theme will be replaced with one called Content Editor which more or less has the same features as the Advanced but allows for full functionality of the resource browser. smiley
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