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  • I haven’t really seen any central location to figure this out, so I figured I’d just post a thread here. I know this works in the latest SVN trunk, but it should theoretically work in any MODx release that has TinyMCE installed.

    To prevent TinyMCE from stripping your newlines and uglyifying your HTML, in:



    this._def("apply_source_formatting", false);
    this._def("apply_source_formatting", true);

    AND change:

    this._def("remove_linebreaks", true);
    this._def("remove_linebreaks", false);

    And viola, nicely readable source.
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    • Heh heh...you’re one step ahead of me! I’m addressing this in the next update for the TinyMCE plugin. And, instead of altering the TinyMCE javascript file directly, I’ll be setting these parameters in the call to TinyMCE. But, yeah, your solution works too...which is ok till I get the next update out. smiley
        Jeff Whitfield

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      • Alright, thanks a lot for this trick, finally the source will be human-readable as well :p
        • I’ll be committing this trick until the updated version is available... wink
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