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    I have created one site and recently it moved to another host. After moved to new host, when I try to insert image or file,
    [using tinymce->Insert/edit image button ->Browse image Button -> FCK Editor ]
    only the folders are showing. No images or files in the folder is not displaying. Also, I can’t upload any images/files.

    Everything was working fine before moving it.
    Tested File manager path, Resource path, Resource url and uploadable image types. Paths are changed to new host’s path settings.

    How can I resolve this issue?

    Pls help...
    • Hi Jurdy,

      I have seen this a couple of times and the end cure was to upload the MODx Install and run the Install again selecting upgrade and not to overwrite any existing site data or snippets.

      Hope that helps

        UK MODX Hosting with love.
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        I tried the upgrade. But this is very older version [before ver] and after upgrade , I got a lot of errors. Is there any way to upgrade its FCK editor only ?

        any help ...

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          Do your user have the right to upload images?
          I’ve run into the same problem. The solution was to check "Use System Configuration Setting" on Uploadable Image Types. You can find this on the "User"-tab when you create/edit a user.

          If the problem still is existing - please control your system configuration. On the "Interface/Features" tab you can set global "Uploadable Image Types"
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            Under Tools->Configuration->Interface&Features, make sure that File base path is a full path, not a relative path. In other words, it shouldn’t just be /assets/, it needs to be the same path that is under Tools->Configuration->File Manager - File Manager Path, with assets/ appended at the end.

            Hope this makes sense.